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"30 years of helping clients reach their goals." - FAKHRI MUBARAK "The Coaches Coach"

About Me



Hello everyone, 


My name is Fakhri Mubarak. I am an IFBB Pro League Bodybuilder with over 28 years of experience. I hold the record of helping the most clients turn pro in the IFBB currently at 71. If you add up all the other federations that I've helped others turn pro its well over 100 pro cards.


My IFBB Pro League clients have won 19 pro shows. Combined with other federations its 32 pro wins. My NPC total class wins are well over 1000. My famous saying is "NUMBERS DONT LIE". I am very proud of the work my clients and myself have done. Being an athlete and a competitor I understand what it takes and how to help others win. 


My life has been dedicated to health and fitness since the age of 16. Throughout college and earning my Masters in Education Psychology I lived religiously knowing my true calling was to bodybuild. I turned IFBB Pro in 2005 with Mr. Olympia Phil Health at the USA Championships. At that time only 2 bodybuilders turn pro at that show. Since then my life has been dedicated to helping others achieve their dreams/goals on and off stage. 


I work with athletes, competitors, moms, dads and just about anyone that wants to get in their best shape ever. I've even worked with rocket scientist from NASA, talk about challenging!


My only goal is to help reach my client's goals. Seeing a client happy and changing their lives is as fulfilling to me as myself reaching an important goal. 


I hope to help you reach yours as well.



Fakhri Mubarak