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"30 years of helping clients reach their goals." - FAKHRI MUBARAK "The Coaches Coach"

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Thank you for your interest in my services. As a contest prep nutritionist/lifestyle coach my goal is to exceed any expectations that my clients ever thought possible on stage and off. I have turned 72 clients into IFBB pros; the most ever by any coach which I'm very proud of. I have won 20 IFBB titles with clients , and helped them win 1000's of regional shows/classes throughout my 30 years in this sport . My clients are from all over the world and have different goals. My dedication to being the best is unmatched.



My clients' success is my only goal. I make sure we meet all goals we set forth together. I will fully outline your personalized (no cookie cutter or macro diet) nutritional plan and advise you on supplements to use and when to make changes. I'll make sure our progress doesn’t come to a halt by monitoring your pictures on a scheduled bases, as well as keeping statistical information on your weight and body fat %. Basically, my clients have no worries during their prep. I outline everything and worry for them. I’m accessible 24/7. I’m in contact with my clients on a daily basis as the show approaches. I take full responsibility for my clients' prep. All I ask is for is their commitment 100% and for their belief in me.



Another benefit in working with me is that I'm also a judge so I know what to look for in a winning physique. All my athletes come in shape and ready to win. That's one thing I guarantee! With me, you will be prepared to compete at your highest level possible.

I have TWO payment OPTIONS:

1) MONTH-TO-MONTH PLAN (no yearly contract requirement / it's pay as you go)
My pay by monthly fee is $500 for the first month payment and then $250 a month thereafter for a total of $3250 for the year.

$2750 total for the year if full payment is done up front. This saves you $500 for the year. This payment can be broken down into 30 days to make it easier to pay. 

The important thing is your success on stage. It’ll be my pleasure to work with you. 

Numbers don't lie! 

Truly , 

IFBB Pro Fakhri Mubarak
Contest Prep Specialist