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"30 years of helping clients reach their goals." - FAKHRI MUBARAK "The Coaches Coach"

Month-to-Month Coaching Plan


$500 for the first month and $250 a month thereafter. 

Month-to-month coaching plan at $250 a month following $500 for the first month. Can cancel at anytime. Due to processing fees the full prices will be $260 and $520.

My clients' success is my only goal. I make sure we meet all goals we set forth together. I will fully outline your personalized nutritional plan and advise you on supplements to use and when to make changes. I'll make sure our progress doesn’t come to a halt by monitoring your pictures on a weekly scheduled bases, as well as keeping statistical information on your weight and body fat %. Basically, my clients have no worries during their prep. I outline everything and worry for them. I’m accessible 24/7. I’m in contact with my clients on a daily basis as the show approaches. I take full responsibility for my clients' prep. All I ask is for is their commitment 100% and for their belief in me as a nutritional expert for over 28 years.