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Fak's Facts On Hardcore Training

Posted on January 01 2018

Coach Fakhri Mubarak – IFBB Pro and Contest Prep Specialist

Coach Fak’s Hardcore Training

Everyone that knows me knows I go 100% in everything I do. I try to be the best I can in everything I do. Even in church I want to be the best Christian possible. I’ve been training for 29 years and I’ve trained hard since day 1. I read all the books, listened to all the tapes and watched all the videos. Once I decided to train I wanted to be the best I can at it. I’m a true believer in hardcore heavy compound movements for reps of 10 to 12. The last rep of the last set should be to failure. You warm up the first few sets and then your last set you hit failure for 12 reps.  That last set is what you are working up to. That last set is the most important set of each exercise. That’s the set you stimulate the most overload on the muscle to grow. You want to keep a journal to track all your numbers and keep breaking your best 10 to 12 failure set. 

Working out should be intense, no more than an hour in the gym and keep to mostly compound movements. You want to stimulate your muscles to grow by lifting intense. The more you can lift for 10 to 12 reps the more you will grow as long as your nutrition is right on point. As you get stronger you will progressively overload the muscles and develop more muscle fibers and this will increase the size of your muscle. You can’t work out too long because you will start to fatigue the muscle. This type of training needs to be brief (no socializing while working out). Maximum rest between a set is 90 seconds. The first few sets should be 45 to 60 seconds max rest between sets. The last failure set of each exercise can be 90 seconds because that’s the most important set.   You have to leave everything in the gym and not cheat yourself. Every rep counts when you train like this. It also can’t be frequent. You are going to failure on every body part so once a week is enough per body part. Your body requires time to recover. Failure on each body part stresses multiple body parts as well. The time you rest is when you recover and grow. You don’t grow in the gym. You grow when you’re eating and sleeping. 

Focus on compound movements. Compound movements are the ones you can go heavier on and really kick your butt doing. Compound movements are exercises that combine two or more muscle groups to be involved. You will handle more weight by doing compound movements which as we said will lead to more muscle growth. If you look at most power lifters or weight lifters you will see that they are big and thick. They concentrate and specialize on compound movements. Power lifters specialize in squat, bench and deadlifts, all must exercises to use while trying to put on muscle.  Power lifters and weight lifters are built different then bodybuilders because they keep their rep range low so they aren’t stimulating enough muscle fibers to grow. They also don’t follow a body builder diet. They are big but not as hard as bodybuilders. Now as a bodybuilder we combine our diet with these movements and we’ll be big and lean. 

Below is an example of the first exercises for each body part I did when I was at my prime as a competitive body builder. I was strong for my weight ( I wish I had social media back then to video all this) so you have to go by how strong you are. Your strength to the failure set is your key to gaining muscle. 

Monday was leg day. I would warm up a little with leg extensions and then go into squats. My sets for squats would be, warm up 135 * 12 , 225 *12 , 315 *10 , 405 *10 , 495 *10 and then failure set 585 * 12 reps. The most I ever did with 650*10 – the good ole days :)
Tuesday was chest. I would start off with bench press - 135 * 12, 225 *12, 315 *10, 405 *10 and finally failure set 455 for 12 reps. The most I ever did was 505 * 10
Wed was back. Back I always did warm up exercise first of pull ups. Then it would be bent over row – 135 * 12, 225 * 12, 315 * 10 and 405 *12. Most I ever did was 455*12. I would always finish back with deadlifts. We went as high as 615 * 12
Thursday was of day to rest
Friday was shoulders. We would warm up with a little side laterals and then go into seated  barbell shoulder press. The sets would go as follows 135 * 12, 225 * 12, 275 * 12, 315 * 10 and finally 365 * 12  
Saturday was arms. Arms are a small muscle so of course crazy weight can’t be achieved. The most I barbell bicep curled was 225 * 12 and for triceps I did close grip 405 * 12 (that always made my wrist hurt.
To sum it all up - Each exercise do 4  , 5  or 6 sets ,  depending how strong you are for reps of 10 to 12 reps. You need to stimulate your muscles enough to grow. The first few sets are warm ups for the failure set. The last set needs to be absolute failure at 10 to 12 reps, each set should be a higher weight as you warm up to the last failure set. The last rep of the last set should be your absolute failure at 10 to 12 reps , once you fail at 12 reps on your last set your next workout for that body part should be for a higher weight to reduce your reps down to 10 on the failure set.  You are continuously getting stronger and creating more muscle tissue by failing at a higher weight.  
I hope this helps everyone achieve their body building goals. I know it’s not easy but nothing in life that is worth its weight is easy. I love bodybuilding and training like this was my best part of the day. Go and kill your next workout Flex Magazine readers!  
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